With almost every custom home built, the homeowner works with the builder to decide the flooring, paint colors, cabinet wood species, design of their shower, and so on. The architect is going to design the overall style of the home, and design it so that it is buildable. The house blueprint drawings I create are instructions on how to put all of the pieces together. The custom home designs ensure the proportions of each element work well together, so when it comes time to put the finishing touches on the built house, it will be beautiful. Our clients are thrilled to walk into their new home, with their vision turned into a reality.

Angled front view of house designed by Budingen Architecture.

Taking the Guesswork Out of Pricing with Flat-Rate Packages

For years, homeowners have been coming to me about designing their dream home. Many of them had done research on other architects and designers, and were quoted a range of prices. Some of them had an idea of how much an architect would cost, and were ready to proceed even before the first phone call. Some of them were only coming to me because their builder said they needed a set of house plans before building the house. In every case, they wanted to know how much it would cost. Because of this, I have created pricing tables that remove the guesswork and the surprises.

Architectural Plans Designed by An Architect & Builder

Choosing Budingen Architecture for the design of your home comes with a lot of perks you won’t find everywhere. With a convenient and straightforward process, we provide beautiful plans you and your builder will love.

  1. Builders Love Our Designs – you will not find the builder swearing up and down that “the stairs don’t fit”, or “the roof does not work” (common complaints against home designers and architects). Our designs are not just house blueprints. We take the care to design every aspect from a builders point of view.
  2. We Know What Works – I have spent years building from my own drawings, so I have learned what works and what does not work. Walls should be thicker in order to fit plumbing. Pocket doors should be built in order to function as well as possible. From the beginning of design, the architect should be thinking about how the ductwork and other utilities will be run through the house.
  3. Licensed Architect, Not Just a Home Designer – As a licensed architect, I have gone through much more training than other home designers. With years of experience in commercial architecture, I have a broader perspective to my designs. I have worked on a very wide range of residences, from 1,500 square feet to almost 60,000 square feet. Every project contains basic building blocks from which a beautiful design emerges, no matter the size.

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When I design your home, it is personalized to you.
It is only right if it’s beautiful to you.

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