When you drive by a home, what does the siding say about a person’s priorities? Some people are interested in making a bold color or style statement. Some are more interested in being low-key and blending in with the other houses around them, or even the environment in which it is built. A person may be influenced to choose a siding based on what their builder recommends or what is common in their neighborhood, but there are many more factors at play in choosing the perfect siding for your home.

Row of homes with colorful siding


This is probably the first consideration for any part of the house, for most people. When choosing siding, vinyl or fiber cement are great options for those with tighter budgets, Stone and wood are great options, though they will cost more.


In traveling around the country you may notice homes look very different from one area to the next. One reason, for sure, is what is trendy, but much of it also has to do with climate. When you’re choosing the siding best suited for your area, stucco is better for the dry climates of the West and fiber cement is a great material for coastal areas, as it is resistant to salty air and humidity.


Some people enjoy their weekends and don’t want to spend them cleaning or painting their siding, or don’t want to shell out big money every several years to maintain their siding. Some types of siding are very low maintenance, like brick, which can last a lifetime or more! If you choose wood as your siding, it will need to be repainted or stained every few years.

Home with cedar siding and deckNatural Materials

Some people place a high value on natural or “green” materials for their home. Some may want their home to fit into the landscape. In these scenarios, it’s important to choose a stone or wood exterior. Fiber cement and vinyl tend to contrast with natural environments.

Color Availability

Some people value the flexibility of changing your house color once in a while. These people should select a product that can be repainted. Aluminum, fiber cement, and wood can all be repainted. You don’t have to spend your free weekends repainting stucco, brick, and stone. People typically choose these materials for their timeless characteristics.


Home exterior with grey siding and white trim
Drive through your city and even the untrained eye can point out a home that was built in a specific era. Just like cars and clothes, house trends come and go with the passage of time.  Current trends influence siding choices as well. Wood siding and brick were popular options in the early 20th century. Fiber cement and engineered wood are very popular choices now.


Certain siding products are less durable than others. Vinyl siding is more prone to dents from hail or collisions, and after a windstorm, you may find pieces that fly off completely. Wood products are susceptible to termites. More durable options include brick and stone.


To some, safety plays an important role in choosing building materials. The best materials for a fire are brick and stone. Fiber cement is made of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers. It is able to withstand high heat for 2-4 hours without breaking down.

It is important to be aware of the variety of siding options available in the market today. We hope that those who are building homes will equip themselves with the knowledge they need so the fulfillment of their dream home may be a success. With my combined building and architecture experience, I can help you choose the right siding for your lifestyle.