Rooms out of view

Any person who appreciates a clean house knows the importance of having personal spaces out of view. With the open floor plan ever so popular, it is necessary to have rooms that are out of view of the front entry. Back-kitchens keep food prep out of sight. Family rooms allow entertainment and play areas private. Mudrooms keep your entryway clean and presentable. These rooms have all received significant upgrades in the last couple of decades, but none more than the mudroom.

Functional mudroom

A long history

Mudrooms have been an important part of rural American homes, as a place where you could remove coats and shoes in the winter, and muddy clothing in the rainy season. In the 1980s, mudrooms made a comeback in homes, notably suburban houses. Suburban homes lack the necessity for mudrooms that rural homes have for them, but they evolved into what now looks like a large family coat closet or locker room.

Mudroom for family

Mudroom Variations

You can find a range of mudrooms in houses, from beautiful and decorative, to completely functional in style. The most recognizable feature of a mudroom is a built-in locker area, divided into sections, and either open or completely enclosed with a door on each section. You’ll often see hooks in each “locker” for hanging up coats and bags. There is usually a bench for comfortably changing to or from outdoor clothing. You will often find it sectioned off for shoes or other shelves for storing bags, gloves, hats, etc. The most common location for the mudroom is near the garage or back door, and often near a laundry room area. These “rooms” are usually just a hallway passing from the garage to the main house. You can even fashion a mudroom from freestanding lockers or benches purchased from a store.

Some variations of the mudroom may make it more practical and authentic. In some higher-end rooms, you may find a wash sink and washer and dryer to keep soiled clothing and shoes contained in one area. Its common to also use the mudroom as a pet-care area: a place to keep food, a kennel, and even a dog wash.

Mudrooms for dogsPhoto by Hierarchy Architecture + Design, PLLCDiscover entryway design ideas

Now a necessity

Mudrooms are in high demand in new homes, with builders often adding them as a standard feature. Currently, in existing homes, they are often carved out of spaces such as the garage, laundry areas, or family rooms. A mudroom’s cost can vary widely, from hundreds of dollars for the aforementioned freestanding lockers to highly custom homes having mudrooms that cost up to $100,000.

Mudroom with laundry

The possibilities for a mudroom are endless. Now, some of these features have made them seem almost necessary, especially for families. They’re within reach of most budgets, and you can easily fit them into existing floorplans. They have made their way from being an important room to being an essential part of a well-organized home.