Goldilocks may not have been an upstanding citizen, but she did have one thing right – not too big, not too small. And when building your home, you are also searching for the elusive “perfect” size home.

The not so big house philosophy is what you might be looking for, but you didn’t know it. Introduced by Sarah Susanka, the not so big house principles will help you identify what you want and need in a newly designed home.

Keep reading for a quick guide to the not so big house design.

The Not So Big House

What is a not so big house? Well, it’s a way of designing the size and space you need to complement your lifestyle and stay within your financial means.

Think about how many square feet you’re looking for in your new home. Now, cut that number down by a third. So, if you were looking for a 2,000 square foot home design, that makes it now a 1,400 square foot home you’re looking for.

The idea of this type of house is to make better use of space and personalize it to the owner’s needs. The not so big house movement gained momentum because it introduced innovation to homebuilding – size isn’t everything.

This type of house uses efficient storage techniques and promotes functionality and creativity above all else.

Not So Big House vs. Tiny Home

The not so big house is not a tiny home. Tiny homes are usually about 400 square feet, whereas a not so big house can be any size as long as it fits the owners’ needs without frivolous space.

People build tiny homes sometimes out of financial necessity or a desire to live a minimalist lifestyle, but they force people into dual-purpose modalities. This house has more flexibility in design and purpose because each room can serve one or multiple purposes as long as it is getting regular use.

Not So Big House Rules

There is no single right way to design a not so big house. But you can use the rules below as a guide.

  • Make it feel spacious with the right ceiling heights and wall placement
  • Use every room every day
  • Build creative storage spaces
  • Use light to your advantage – both natural light and artificial light
  • Bring order to space
  • Make it personal

An architect can show you projects to inspire your custom, not so big house, but ultimately it’s personalized to you and your family’s life.

Ready to Build Your Perfect Home?

Home is where you feel at peace. It’s where you build memories with loved ones and find comfort and shelter every day. So don’t settle for any home; design the perfect one.

When you follow the above principles, you’ll find that your home’s space and design bring you relaxation and comfort. It’s as if the house was built with you in mind – because it was!

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