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Wood Prices Are Too High! 5 Alternatives to Wood Frame Houses

Across the country, new home construction is increasing, and wood prices are higher than ever. With rising wood prices, architecture firms help clients discover new materials to build a home and alternatives to wood frames.

If you’re interested in a custom home but want to avoid the ever-increasing wood costs, read on. This home-building guide will explore some of the many alternatives to “stick-built” houses and how to save on wood prices.

What Home-Building Materials Are Available?

People traditionally look to wood when it comes to building a custom home, but wood isn’t the only option. Some alternatives to wood have distinct advantages over wood.

1. Concrete

Using concrete as a frame is a popular choice for framing commercial buildings, but it is a new favorite among homebuilders. It is fire and flood-resistant, which is essential in some areas of the country. It can also cost much less than wood.

2. Steel

Cold-formed steel is an excellent choice over wood. There is much less waste when building with steel – 2% versus 20% with wood. This makes it more cost-efficient and environmentally responsible.

3. Straw

Building a house out of straw may sound like something out of nursery rhyme, but there is a growing market for framing a home with straw bales. Straw is very cost-effective, readily available, and environmental-friendly. Stucco is applied over the straw bales, and the appearance is much like any other stucco home.

Strawbale homes are strong and offer more fire resistance than homes built with wood.

4. Logs

More than 30,000 homes are built each year using logs. Log homes require less processing of building materials, offer more energy efficiency, and provide a distinct visual style. Log homes are a beautiful alternative to traditional stick-built houses.

5. Fiberglass

Sometimes called structural insulated panels, fiberglass panels can be assembled within a few hours, compared to a few weeks required for framing with wood. The lightweight panels are well-insulated and provide a precision fit. The high prices of wood have made fiberglass a more attractive option for some home builders.

Fighting High Wood Prices With Thoughtful Architecture

Working with an experienced architecture firm can help you avoid the high prices of wood. It can also provide you with creative and stylish options for your new home. The beauty of designing a custom home is it can be anything you like, and there is no shortage of materials to use in its construction.

Whether you are looking for something modern or traditional, an architect can help bring your vision to life. With alternative building materials, you can also achieve greater energy efficiency or build your home in a more environmentally-responsible fashion.

Choose a Different Path

Before you start building a new home, be aware of the cost of wood prices. Architecture plans can be developed to use alternative building materials such as steel or concrete. You can also use atypical materials like straw or fiberglass.

Understanding your options is the key to making the right decision for your new home. To plan your new home project, contact us today. We’ll discuss alternative building materials and create a plan for your dream home.