You’re not licensed in my state, can I still get house plans from you?

It depends! I’m currently licensed in Missouri, Utah, and Idaho, and hope to add more in the future. If you’re not in one of those states, I’m more than happy to design a house for you, but I will not be able to stamp it for review by your HOA review board or municipality. I’m always happy to look into becoming licensed in your state for your project specifically.

What happens if my actual square footage ends up less or greater than what I originally was quoted?

We are flexible! We know people are trying to get as close as possible to an estimate, and a little overage will not put you into the higher pricing tierFor plans that end up with substantially more square footage due to add-ons, we will need to discuss charging more. Sometimes, a project turns out smaller than you estimated, and we’re happy to move you down to the lower price point. If you’re not sure what the square footage will be, contact me and we can walk through it together. Also, there are many calculators online that will help you estimate your square footage.

What should I include in my square footage estimate?

For a new home, please include all basement space (finished or unfinished) and attached garage space. For remodels, you will need to calculate all affected (new plus existing) space in the square footage.

A garage or unfinished basement doesn’t take much work to design. Why do you charge for those elements?

In order to provide upfront pricing, we need to have certain parameters in the calculations that are straightforwardA garage has exterior elements that need to be designed, and often interior elements as well, like plumbing and cabinetryMost clients decide to go ahead and get a finished design for their basement at the time of initial design.

When should I reach out to you for house plans?

It is nice to know which lot you will build on, but better if you’ve bought it. You will need drawings when applying for a construction loan. On a typical house, 3-6 months before construction begins is a good timeframe for reaching out to an architect. We also have some clients who purchase house plans years in advance so they have time to dream and save.

How different are your final designs from one client to the next? Do you copy from one design to another?

Our plans are fully custom. Each client’s lifestyle is so different from each other, so it’s hard to make two custom house plans too similar. However, there are trends in design that may make some aspects of two different house designs somewhat similar in style. I begin each design from scratch, and with the client’s input we create a design unique to each situation. We have a very thorough design questionnaire to discover the client’s desires in a house plan.

Do you have any financing options?

We are happy to work with our clients in a couple of ways. First, we are able to take a credit card payment (in some states), for an added processing fee of 3%. Also, we can add the cost of design to your construction estimate in order to cover the fee with your construction loan. This can be done on a case-by-case basis.

I need a garage/shed/office/etc. design. Can you help me with this project?

I am happy to help with any project you need to have designed. It may be outside of our typical pricing schedule, but feel free to contact me for pricing options.

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